Student mentor program

What is the student mentor program?

When a student at school has their doubts in the choice of study, or doesn’t even have an idea of what he or she wants to study, it’s good to have a student mentor. For this reason, the program is available. As a student mentor, help and guidance is provided to students at school in choosing a study.

My Choice to follow the program

As a student at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, I was looking for a new project to start on, a project I could improve my current skills in, and work on the skills that I needed for my future career. I came across the Student mentor program on the homepage of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam, and without any doubt, applied immediately. It described everything I was looking for. I would have to communicate with students at school, who probably had no interest in the program, or would be doing it for extra points, and I would have to present allot. Next to improving my presentation skills and communication skills, I would be trained by the ‘head’ of student mentors on various other skills, it was an interesting learning process.

My thoughts and experiences during the program

As a student mentor, I guided six students at school to make the correct choice in a study. In the beginning there were lots of communication barriers, to get their attention, was one thing, to keep it, was the hardest part, and then, you had to make sure they understood what you were saying. I saw the common reasons why a student at school chooses a study, money, peer pressure, parents, and location. However, after a few meetings, the students were able to confide in me that what they had written down as their first choice of study, was the last thing they wanted to do. That was an accomplishment, but now that I had their trust how could I help them convince their parents that the study they wanted to do at first, wasn’t the one they wanted to follow, without losing the trust of their parents and without the parents getting angry? Furthermore, how could you tell a young boy that the study he wants, is not really the study he should be following, because he is only after the salary? Questions kept on coming, thanks to the amazing coaches I had, I was able to help my students, and learn allot myself. How to see it from their view, the different cultures, how  some cultures do actually first look at how much you can earn, and go from there.

I hadn’t felt that I managed to help each student, but I neither felt that I let them down, so it was a huge honor to be nominated student mentor of 2010. Being a student mentor I learned more than I thought I would, and even though the program ended, receiving a ‘Thank you SMS from one of my students, told me that I had indeed helped them out. It was an amazing experience.

 For questions, please contact me.

For more information or questions about the Student Mentor program, or to participate:  Studentenmentoren


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