“Carmen is a very driven person, who has a healthy ambition and who knows exactly what she wants.
As a lady in a technical environment she knows how to stand her ground, and she knows how to stay calm in hectic times.
Carmen can act both independently and as part of a team. She is a take-charge person who recognizes what needs to be done, and she shows the initiative to act and deliver.
With her technical background and commercial skills she has laid a good foundation for a successful future.” June 11, 2015

Robert Franke, Branch Manager at QING Group

“I have come to know Carmen as someone who’s a tremendous worker and heads straight for her goal. That makes her strong and professional in the questions she asks. She knows how to fascinate others. She’s tremendously many-sided, switches from Dutch to Spanish to English without any effort. Combining knowledge and passion for technic with her social personality makes her a very pleasant person to work with.” March 27, 2014

Joline de Kam, Manager Operations at MSD Netherlands

“Carmen was invited to come onto the programme (Aerospace Radio station to talk about the use of social media by European airlines. She proved a very worthy guest, eloquently describing the application of SM in the sector. This proved a hugely popular interview and we highly recommend Carmen as a speaker and expert on the subject. The episode can be found here” November 7, 2014

Pieter Johnson,  Customer Experience Manager at Amey

“Carmen van Boeckel is the social media manager for Aviation Platform. As the chairman I can mention that the research she conducts is always above average. Also during her involvement she managed to develop herself into a professional and taking on additional activities, she is involved in the coordination of two other professionals. She is willing to put in effort to develop herself.
I am quite impressed by Carmen her ability to coordinate and communication with every member of the team. Furthermore during her project work, she is able to take charge and steer the group in the right direction.
Carmen proved to be a hard worker and a talented thinker; she is furthermore very interested in aviation developments and thus visits conferences on different topics.
Overall, Carmen is very consistent and a team player, furthermore her love for social media can support any organization in creating, managing a social media strategy.” May 14, 2012

Frenchez Pietersz Chairman, Aviation Platform

“Carmen is one of those students you’ll always remember as a teacher: dedicated to her work, really interested in what you are teaching her and really interested in you as person. Unique in this profession and extra special when it concerns a young woman who has seen so much more of the world and experienced so much more than many of her fellow-students and her teachers most probably. It was no trouble for her at all to talk us (a party of 60 people) on a bus from the Costa Brava to Barcelona in fluent Spanish or to comment in a nice way and always very modest on the effectiveness of classes taught, as ever very appreciative of the attention you could give her classmates and herself. Her teachers at Helen Parkhurst had a hard time not to single her out as their favorite soon after her and her sister’s arrival there fresh from Arkansas, something you never actually admit to in this line of work. Mind you: Carmen was in my English class whereas she is the native speaker and I’m Dutch born. Carmen: thank you for having been in my class!” November 20,2010

Heidi de Krom, Helen Parkhurst, English Teacher

“I know Carmen as a driven, initiative, helpful, eager learner, and a woman with lots of feeling. She was a serious student mentor, that only wanted the best for the HAVO 5 students as their mentor.  Even after finishing the project, she still has a meaning in the student’s lives that she coached. Thank you for your input!” November 3,2010

Lora Eijgelshoven, Hogeschool van Amsterdam, Student mentor Program

“I know Carmen as a professional and as a very driven personality with a high ambition. She combines very good interpersonal skills and a lot of enthusiasm with outstanding knowledge of her business. She’s a real professional and very nice to work with!” May 18, 2009

Bastiaan Bruinzeel, Recruiter


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