Driving electric – the new way of mobility

Before making my first real trip in a full electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, I had only softly touched the gas pedal of a Tesla. Not a sound and still accelerating incredibly quickly is an experience I will never forget. The Tesla Model S P85D can accelerate to 100 km/h in three seconds, some call it turning on the insane button.

When I took the Nissan Leaf for my trip, which can accelerate to 100 km/h in ten seconds, I grinned at the red lights as I could accelerate in just seconds and the cars behind me, became tiny in my rearview mirror. 

It was October, pretty cold in the Netherlands and to my standards, used to South American temperatures, close to freezing. I put the heater on up to 26 degrees to speed up the warmth and turned on the heater for the seats as well, music on, windshield wipers (it was also raining) and I was off to the city Utrecht, I had about 45km to go. With the Nissan Leaf, which has a range of 160 km I could easily make it to my appointment and back. Little did I know that I would be sweating in panic, about 15 minutes into my trip. The battery was fully charged, when I left.

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Ryanair – the on time airline with no iDeal


I enjoy flying, I enjoy being in airports and I could basically live in an aircraft. I just get a kick when I am in one and a huge smile.

Since I take every opportunity I can to be on an aircraft it took me by surprise when I actually realized I had never flown Ryanair. During class, the famous low cost carrier always came up – good or bad – but everyone always laughed at their experience with the airline and also the myths that came with the airline. For example, that Ryanair flies with the minimum fuel it needs to get from A to B. Or that it will be soon replacing its toilets with extra seats so more passengers can fly… To name a few.

But now I could experience Ryanair myself.

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Brand Engagement, check. Customer service, check. Revenue?


A few years ago, the question was still a point of discussion, to get social or not? And all airlines have found a reason to why they should get social, being the incident of the ash cloud or that they noticed their competitors were coming up with all kinds of ideas to get their brand out there. Now, a few years later, every airline has at least one social media platform, and social media is here to stay. What have we seen in the airlines business the past few years?

  • Over 75% of airlines invest more than 90 person-hours per month- and only 3.4% dedicate less than 10 hours.
  • Cross-functional roles are commonplace for social media teams, with 85% employing cross-functional teams.
  • Customer service emerging as the most common cross-functional role.
  • Business goals of social media investment are: 1) brand engagement 2) customer service 3) revenue.
  • The biggest challenge faced by airlines is the insufficient allocation of resources to social media.
  • Over 70% of respondents plan to increase their social media budget in the next year, showing an increase over Simpliflying’s 2011 report.

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Join them… or introduce a new regional subsidiary?


The competition between full service carriers and low cost carriers has been a hot topic in the mind of everyone that is interested in aviation. And, a few weeks ago Alwin Lijdsman, a tech and developments specialist at Aviation Platform decided to tackle the subject: Possible solution for full service carriers? If you can’t beat the low cost carriers, join them?

And now….

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When Social Media takes a 180 degree turn

The airline lost one of my bags… Well at least they didn’t lose all of them.

(Got pretty angry and upset, could’ve pulled my hairs out, because that bag had the important stuff – all of them do actually)

So what do you do?

Go to the customer service desk and hope someone can help me. Yes – almost. Good news: they will do their best to find my lost bag. Bad news: They don’t know when I will have my lost bag back.

Filled in an endless paper. Noted my address, phone number and what not. Went home and complained to my family that the airline had lost my bag with-the-important-stuff-in-it. What else could I do but wait?

That was back in the day when we had basically no Social Media platforms, remember?

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SWISS airlines, cheese, chocolate and a soft spot for kids


In late spring I booked a flight with Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was always curious about that airline. When I was a child, I thought a lot about the logo choice, a red square and a white cross? At that age, I wasn’t aware of many flags, except that of my own and the well known United States flag.

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