If you children can memorize Eminem’s song, then you can surely…


A teacher in my Communication Class in High School once said: “If you children can memorize Eminem’s song, then you can surely memorize a 5 minute speech.”

She had a point there I thought. Eminem’s music was quite popular among us kids back then and I did know the lyrics out of my head…

So let’s give this 5 minute speech a try.

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You’re operating heavy machinery and transporting porcelain


A course in heavy machinery

The building was closed, I had arrived way too early, so I decided to walk around before I would start my day on getting my heftruck and reachtruck certificate.

After walking a block or two I noticed the door was slightly open so I walked in. Our ‘ classroom’ was in a big, well, warehouse. Of course, what did I expect? A library and a chalk board?

The floor was concrete and racks were on the side walls, with stackable mesh stillages, empty and full basins as well as pallets. I saw an electric heftruck, reachtruck and what they call a stacker.

Hello? Anybody here? Good morning! – Clearly no one heard me coming in.


Aha…there is an upstairs.

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