About me


Daughter to a philosopher, also known as an Senior Online Project Manager at Solidaridad Network, and a dreamer known as an English teacher, I was born in Cochabamba Bolivia with those being my strongest characteristics.

We lived in Ecuador, where I had my first pet – a chicken. We stayed a while in Lima, Peru where they say the best liars and thieves are born: every classmate of mine had probably six grandmothers that died every other day. I turned six in Boston, Massachusetts where we had our first car accident, but all me and my sister could care about were our ears, which we just got pierced. We lived in the continent where most people dream of going to on safari. In Tanzania I had to keep a lock on my bag because the monkeys would open it, and let the crows fly away with my lunch bag – teamwork, it works every time. And lately we lived in Arkansas, the Bible belt.

During my high school and university years, I settled in Almere, the Netherlands. I finished my high school at the Helen Parkhurst in Almere and continued my studies at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam.

An education from various different countries wasn’t always ideal. I was always missing a subject, either it being American government or the history of Tanzania, which was needed in order to graduate. However, those many different subjects have only been an advantage to me so far. In Bolivia I grew up with close friends and had my first teachers. In Tanzania the campus was so big and full of paths leading to different areas you could get lost easily.

Monkeys were on every corner, waiting for your lunch, and when everyone was in class they would try to open your bag that you left outside in your cubby. In Arkansas you had no monkeys on every corner, you had police officers, although many classmates of mine didn’t see the difference. I was at first shocked that police were needed at a school, but then got used to the idea, and they became normal people you would chat with during breaks. Finally, Holland where you have to bicycle to school against the wind, with wind speeds up to 80 km/hour.

Currently I live in Lelystad, the Netherlands. A city – or what I like to call a forest of nature.  As a Technical trainer, I started my career in the sustainability sector at Alfen B.V. and have now made the step to the heavy industries at Mitsubishi Caterpillar Forklift Europe B.V.

Contact: carmenvanboeckel@gmail.com