SWISS airlines, cheese, chocolate and a soft spot for kids


In late spring I booked a flight with Swiss International Airlines (SWISS) to Sao Paulo, Brazil. I was always curious about that airline. When I was a child, I thought a lot about the logo choice, a red square and a white cross? At that age, I wasn’t aware of many flags, except that of my own and the well known United States flag.

However, recently SWISS has made an identity change to their logo design, going from the well known ‘cube’ design to a SWISS tailfin with it’s Swiss cross emblem. A few people were not quite happy with the new design, and even created a petition on Facebook to save the design known as the ‘cube.’

Heard SWISS was not so good…

I had read a few reviews on the airline on their service, the usual complaints were found: baggage loss, late departure/arrival, bad food etc, and made, in my opinion, into something really, really bad. Well, of course it’s bad if your baggage is lost, I would be complaining too, but that can happen with any airline. However, as I kept on reading more and more bad reviews and not hearing too many good reviews about SWISS from people I spoke to, I – well – honestly, got a bit worried. I was going to sit on that flight for 11 hours and if the service was that bad, my flight was going to, well, in one word, suck.

The flight from Amsterdam to Zurich 

So my bags were packed and with a mindset of: well I’m going to be on an aircraft (for 11 hours, yay! Seriously, I love it, my sister can’t understand why I would love being on an aircraft for so long) and let’s see how SWISS really is, I boarded my first flight from Amsterdam to Zürich. That flight was pretty short and the service on it was ok, the snack, a sandwich, they served tasted great and the choice of drinks was also good. The seat was comfortable and the information on the screens for the transfer were very clear. Throughout the flight Tom and Jerry (that cat and that mouse, chasing eachother….remember?) was playing on the screen, but with no sound, there was no where you could plug your headphones in. I was kind of bummed about that, because I haven’t seen Tom and Jerry for a while, and kind of enjoyed the chasing sounds and the clanging and what not.

Zürich Airport

Like I said, how to transfer was made clear before the landing, and I remember saying to myself: I hope I don’t have to board at gate E, because then I have to take the shuttle. And, not every airport has a smooth and easy transfer with the shuttle bus and I had to get to my gate within half an hour (I’m one of those people who wishes to be wherever I have to be 15 minutes before I actually have to be there). Nevertheless, upon arrival at Zürich airport I found out I had to board at gate E42. So off to that shuttle. The airport was really empty (it was 21:30 o’ clock), with only a few people walking around, but there were chocolate shops everywhere – and they looked nice too. The shuttle service was shockingly easy and simple to take, one way in, and one way out, so nothing could go wrong. Made it to my gate on time and sat down to charge my phone and read a magazine and this is where I saw that SWISS flight attendants had a soft spot for kids. Two little girls, probably 5 years old, were sitting down playing with what looked like their whole mini Barbie collection, but once the announcement came that we were able to board, they panicked. A flight attendant couldn’t ignore this, and the boarding was paused. She crouched down to the little girls who were now in tears and said something to them and within a minute the girls were smiling. No one really minded that the boarding got delayed and a few people around me looked in awe as the flight attendant walked the girls hand in hand to the aircraft. I still remember when I was guided from one flight to the other by a flight attendant when I was traveling alone as a child, flight attendants were my heroes!


The long flight, Zürich – Sao Paulo

Once boarded, flight attendants were scattered around the aircraft and greeting everyone nicely while we boarded. The interior looked clean and neat, beige and the flight attendants gave it a touch of red with their clothing. I sat comfortably and was glad the seats went back farther than what others had led me on to believe. A pillow, headphones, blankets, magazines (only in swiss) and a comfortable chair – nothing to complain about there. The inflight entertainment also had a variety of choices and worked without any problems. I was content. I laid back and looked outside as another passenger came and sat next to me, we greeted, but he soon understood that I was the type that liked to talk a bit, but preferred reading my own books or watching some movies. I soon found out that he was the type that enjoyed opening R rated magazines, but he luckily put them away after a while and seemed to be a normal passenger after that. The meals on the flight (dinner and breakfast) tasted good and always had a small block of cheese to taste, which I enjoyed. They did leave me with one question though. There was a little cup of milk (like the ones you get next to your coffee at a restaurant), or at least I think it was milk, with a picture of  lavender on it. What was that? Because I got it served at both dinner and breakfast, but never had tea or coffee with it. I saw people pour it on top of their pasta, salad and rice. Weird, but it definitely got me curious.

Had a great flight. The flight attendants that were attending my row were really nice and offered a great service switching from German to Portuguese in seconds and obviously speaking fluent English. The flight was smooth and the take-off and landing were amazing, always putting a big smile on my face.

SWISS airlines with the lovely cheese and always offering chocolate throughout the whole flight – and with those weird milk cups…

Maybe I’ll find out what that milk cup is on my return flight.



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