Facebook tabs: Top. No, Left. No let’s put them on the right

Looking at my questions from my previous blog, I decided to do a little bit of research.

Back when the timeline was launched almost everybody was freaking about the new look, but businesses had more to worry about. How were they going to change their ‘planned’ Social Media strategy with all the new changes? Now, what I have seen is that Social Media specialists are people who can easily adapt, but also need to think quickly, because once you fall behind… Well, you’re behind.

Ok, so my first question to you actually is, do you know what the custom tabs were? Probably not, these tabs were seen as something useless when Facebook decided to move them from the top of the page to the left side of the page. Why? Well thinking like a web designer, with the known “F” theory would explain this move. Apparently, we look at a website in the form of an “F” so just picture an “F” on your screen, and you can see that you always scan the top of a website quickly and then you go to the left, with your “scanning” becoming less and less, and at the bottom, you just ignore everything. However, for businesses, the tabs going to the left meant: game over. No one sees them.

Then came the timeline and the tabs weren’t forgotten, they have simply been relocated to the right side of a page (“F” the other way around?) and have gotten a makeover. Also, these tabs are also known as “apps” which as a rookie, you may think these are two different things. Nevertheless, this relocation hasn’t gotten any better and it has significantly affected the degree at which fans interact with these tabs. Given the fact that certain Pages don’t even reach every fan with a post (According to Pagelever.com most Facebook Pages only reach 3%-7% of their fans) the chances of them seeing you add a new tab are also quite small. According to Mashable, by PageLever, tab engagement has dropped off 53 % since brand pages began adopting Timeline (findings were drawn from approximately 500 Pages with more than 10,000 fans apiece).

Think about a few pages you have ‘Liked’ now ask yourself, when was the last time you went back to that page and visited it?

Thought so.

So now we will look at the airline business, the advantage they have is that customers will often turn to Social Media to ask certain questions (switch a flight, change seats, lost baggage etc) because they know there is a whole Facebook team behind the page and they will get an answer quickly. The chances of them gazing over to the right and thus the tabs are a lot bigger than let’s say a shoe brand. Also, most airlines engage their customers and thus they hang around a bit longer on their page, which I must say, THUMBS UP! Facebook tabs work, but it depends for which brand. For the brands it doesn’t work for, it means they would have to use ads to engage their fans or get new ones, which in Facebook’s concern, is all good.


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