Discover the Facebook tabs, bet you never knew what they could do

A tab to bring you into direct harmony – relax and enjoy the view – a tab to book your flight – Mexico anyone? – a tab to win a contest – a tab to publish your own trip and share…. All of this is now possible through Facebook tabs. But, what do airlines do with Facebook tabs?


Facebook tabs? Until a few weeks ago, I must admit, I had not heard of customized Facebook tabs, I kept on browsing pages of airlines surprised at how much work went into the first page, because let’s face it, the first page of anything – book, website, magazine etc – can make or break your product, most of us are very visual and would not bother to open a book or continue browsing a website if the first page already looked boring. But, on Facebook, airlines (and other businesses) are able to add ‘Tabs’ to make more information available to their customer on the page itself, without making the customer click on the website and browse to the website, which also is helpful, because once on Facebook, the chance of them clicking an individual website is also low. However, only a few number of airlines have a reasonable amount of information – some have an overload – and actually also succeed in involving the person browsing, which is to them, a potential customer. Involving someone is, in my opinion, the best way to reach them.

Common Facebook tabs in the airline business are extra products that are offered, photos, notes, events and locations. So, I was wondering: How do airlines use Facebook tabs? Do they use them? Is it a disadvantage, or an advantage to them? Now, before researching each and every airline, I only looked at the top ten airlines.

Ryanair, only three tabs, the usual tabs. Enough said.


Lufthansa – getting better! 8 tabs, a bingo tab, which sounds fun, become a fan and win prizes. Then, destination vielflieger, which I did not understand as the tab is only in German, that’s too bad… Then the 747-8 tab, interesting info. A tab which gives the browser an overview of the local Facebook Pages. All in all, eight informative tabs.


EasyJet – 11 tabs, on a very orange page. The usual, photos, events, videos, likes and notes tab. Then a YouTube tab, a tab to book a flight and a separate one to book a ski trip. An outdated tab (I think) Memory maker, which claims “Share your movie with us and every week until 13th November 2011…..” 2011…. Someone should change that, or delete the tab. Mostly the usual tabs, with extra tabs allowing the customer to book a flight through Facebook which is a nice touch.


AirFrance – 10 tabs, with the usual photo, video and likes tab. Then, a ‘Travel Book’ tab: Take pictures, upload your pictures, customize, share it with friends. Nice! Finally a tab involving the Facebook user and also making good use of social media, allowing them to share. Then, an Instagram Feed, nice pictures. A ‘Your Area’ tab allowing passengers to share their trips and visions on Facebook, next to accessing their local Facebook Page. A ‘Fly away with AF’ tab, showing all the destinations, with a few tips. L’envol (French is on the rookie side here) No idea what that is, but nice dancing clip (gotta find out the link with this clip and AF, if anyone knows, let me know!). Then a ‘Book Now’ tab, and a ‘Love is in the Air’ tab, in Portuguese – yea, some languages on some tabs need a review, I see a few posts from users, about Paris and a camera and a flight with AF, but no idea what the tab is for…

British Airways – 12 tabs and a unique kind of cover photo. Well, the likes and photo usual tabs and then a whole bunch of tabs which by only looking at the name have no idea what they do, only the ‘House Rules’ tab is obvious. A ‘Home Advantage’ tab where one can type in their postcode and get a view of their street – if you’re in London, which now I understand the whole Home Advantage thing. The tab ‘Perfect Day’ which inspires users to share their perfect day and share it with other users – involvement of the user, nice tab! Then a height cuisine tab, which is a nice touch and a Flying start tab which is a global fundraising partnership between British Airways and Comic Relief – very nice touch! Then a ‘Contest Winners’ tab which shows the winners of the flights to London and Paralympic or Olympic tickets. A similar tab ‘Win with us’ a competition with the boy band One Direction. Then an ‘Our Promise’ tab which is a nice read about what British Airways stand for. Then a tab in Chinese, I think, don’t know what it does, but it says: Please check back for competitions coming soon in your country. Finally, a ‘Park live’ tab, with more information on Park Live.

Emirates – 8 tabs with also the usual photo, video and likes tabs. Also, the ‘Customer Service’ and ‘House Rules’ tabs which speak for themselves. Then, a ‘Harmony’ tab (after having a hectic week, this tab seems appealing) and – WOW, it promises what the name says! Grab a cup of coffee, choose your music and relax with an ocean view! Wait, you can also mix your own music! A big fat 10+ for this tab! Then a ‘Career’ tab, for young professionals – always good. A ‘Sport & Culture’ tab, who would forget Emirates is totally into sports?

Still listening to the Harmony tab here….

KLM – 12 tabs, and being one of the airlines that uses Social Media very wisely, I am curious what to find here, love the cover photo. First off, the usual, the photo, Videos and Likes tab. Then, an ‘Our Social Journey’ tab with all kinds of neat videos of their social journey. A ‘Trip Planner’ select trips, invite friends and book flights, nice tab, love the clip (I always have a hassle with friends when planning a trip). The ‘Bright Ideas’ tab where users can see how their ideas have helped KLM and an ‘iFly Magazine’ tab. Then the ‘KLM Passport App’ if you haven’t downloaded the app (only for iPhone) – you should, this tab explains the app, way cool. A ‘Welcome’ tab, to like the page, Hmmm, ok. Finally, a ‘KLM Worldwide’ tab, just like the ‘Your Area’ tabs, to find the Facebook Local Pages.

American Airlines – 8 tabs, with 7 usual tabs and a ‘Clint’s Interview’ tab, Clint? Huh? Oh, I have to like them first, before I can see the interview. Ok, liked it ( I can unlike them just as fast if the interview is not worth it). Stopped at 5 seconds, why do businesses do that?! Like us before… or Like us, and THEN you can see us…Like us….or if! Come on…. I like it if I can see it, and like it. I am not liking something I haven’t seen… Where’s that harmony tab?

Cathay Pacific – 6 tabs with the usual photo, likes, house rules and notes and then a ‘Premium Economy Class’ tab with more information and a ‘Special Offers’ tab.

Singapore Airlines – 6 tabs with also the usual photos, likes, events, videos, notes and a ‘SIA Newsroom’ tab with news on Singapore Airlines.

Out of these ten airlines, I have seen that some are really creative on offering interesting tabs, the ones involving the users is where airlines score high because users will easily learn more about the airline and they may receive a ‘like’ if done well. But my question remains, how many Facebook users know of these tabs? How many actually click them to further explore? Have you explored a few tabs on the airline pages?


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