Need more energy?

Taking a break, and actually making use of my ‘vacation’ I went to Valkenburg (Netherlands) and spent a day at ‘Thermea 2000’, known as a famous spa. I was resting on probably the most comfortable couch I have ever sat on, with the softest bathrobe, and a waiter coming whenever I raised my hand. I was thinking: this is the ultimate way to rest, and recharge on energy. Ironically, I picked up a magazine to read, known as ‘Psychologie’ or Psychology in English. I read the title of an article ‘Need more energy?’ and was immediately hooked, ofcourse, I could always use more energy!

Need more energy?

“You wake up before your alarm clock rings, wake up full of energy and with no problem. Get dressed, eat a good breakfast, while reading the newspaper, and don’t have to rush out the door, because, yeah, you have enough time. Off to work, singing in the car. You arrive at work, all fresh,  and ready for the workload, which you can easily get through, without any stress. Driving back home, singing in the car, make a stop at the grocery store, and prepare a delicious dinner, after dinner, you’re tying your shoe laces, ready to go out for an hour-long jog, before you go back to bed.”

Does this sound like you? Uh… No.

To sum up the article, their theory was that you would write down every day, how you felt throughout the day, for three days. In the end, you would know your energy peeks and downs, and plan the most stressful things to do during your energy peeks, and the less stressful things, when you were less energized. I told myself: your still not energized, because they say you have  (still have) less energized moments, and how was this suppose to give you more energy? In my life, I have a different day everyday, one day I am jumping around, full of energy, and the other day, I am struggling to get through the day. So how would this help me?

Theories, what you should do, to get more energy

Two basic points that come to my mind when I think about getting more energy, or being a more energetic person, are; eat healthy, and exercise. However, I do workout (10 hours a week) and do eat healthy, apart from the occasional days, where I just can’t (come back home late from school, go out with friends). Still, I wouldn’t say I was superwoman everyday.

Another theory, one person says the average time of sleep someone needs is 8 hours, if you sleep 8 hours, you should have enough energy for the day, BUT if you sleep for more you will be tired, and another BUT, if you sleep after 00:00 (12 pm) you can just forget it. I’m sorry, but just thinking about these little ‘rules’, already gets me tired. Another theory is 6 hours, but I won’t torture you with all those little rules, oh, and another theory for people who are athletes or bodybuilder, but when do you qualify as an athlete, or bodybuilder? When you train for 15+ hours a week? When you’re doing championships? When you run marathons?

My theory to more energy

I must agree, I have more energy than the average person, but I don’t think it comes from food and workout, it comes from things that drive me, by doing things I love. That’s where my energy comes from. Ofcourse, a balanced diet and exercise do contribute, but in my opinion, waking up, knowing you can do something you can enjoy…that gives you energy. When you know you have an amazing day coming, you’ll be up before 6, because you just can’t wait, and you barely even slept last night, but you have so much built up energy that, that doesn’t matter. It can be anything from your birthday, knowing you’ll pass an exam, knowing you will make someone smile, make a difference, do your hobby, just countless things one should wake up to, and say: Damn! this will be a great day. I don’t think we should be asking ourselves what to do to get more energy, but what we need to do, what drives us, to make that day worth wild. That’s where my energy comes from.

A spa, a vacation, that’s relaxation, different from charging up for more energy.

Need more energy? Find out what drives you.


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